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Our History

JRZ Precision dates back to over thirty years ago, when the company patriarch, Joseph Zaino, merged his experience as a chemical engineer for Exxon Mobile Corporation with his passion for car care. Joseph began to distribute, sell, and manufacture car care and janitorial products that are top-quality. JRZ Precision has elevated the car care distribution industry to new levels, and will continue to do so. Our expertise in chemicals and devotion to the car care and janitorial industries fuel our company’s success. Joseph and the JRZ Precision team are dedicated to providing their customers with products that are of top value and quality, raising the bar for car care and janitorial products everywhere.

About Our Company

JRZ Precision is a distributor of factory-authorized auto-detailing products and janitorial chemicals, located in Wayne, New Jersey. JRZ Precision is your one-stop-shop for quality car care and janitorial products. We serve clients from a variety of industries; including aviation, car wash and auto detailing, car dealerships, restaurant, hotel, transportation, and janitorial. JRZ Precision’s products come from the best supplier’s in the industry, created to increase your business and satisfy your chemical, car care, and janitorial needs.


To provide cost-effective and high-quality automobile and janitorial products, with unparalleled service.


To set unprecedented standards for car care and janitorial products, elevating the industry to new heights.

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